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He Loves Me Knot, Time Travel, Romance, Paranormal, Regency England, Contemporary Romance

He Loves Me Knot

 Award Winning Time Travel Romance

Cynical, middle-aged horse trainer, Diana Burton, regains consciousness from a foxhunting accident as a beautiful, highborn debutante in Regency era England. Assuming she’s enjoying the effects of hallucinogenic painkillers, Diana welcomes the escape from the tangled mess she’s made of her life. When she encounters the unsuspecting lookalike of her modern day lost love, she enthusiastically employs all her worldly experience for a do-over on that long ago romance. But her interactions with the handsome Lord Stanhope trigger flashbacks of her painful past, and she’s forced to re-examine the mistakes she’s spent a lifetime trying to forget. Diana is soon convinced that this is more than a dream. Instead she’s been transported through time for a second chance at happiness. As she tackles the complications of corsets, sidesaddles, and dance steps, Diana discovers that the challenge to forgive herself is the hardest one of all. One she can’t tackle alone.  

He Loves Me Knot is a steamy adventure of a woman’s journey through time to sort through the mistakes of her past; only to discover she can’t do it alone.   

The Offer

Award Winning Historical Romance    


Stationed in Portugal, twenty-nine-year-old Arthur Wyndham is a Lieutenant-General in King George III’s British forces and newly titled Viscount Taunton for his efforts. Indeed, he’s found his niche in the rigid structure of the military, a far cry from the sensitive romanticism of his youth when he’d fled his homeland in shame a decade earlier. Now all of England delights in reading of the nation’s hero and his daring exploits in battles and bedrooms across the continent.

Shy, country-bred Lady Kitty Parkhurst serves equal parts doting aunt to her sister’s children and hostess for her brother and guardian on his sprawling estate in the Irish countryside. When her brother-in-law by marriage asks for her hand in marriage, she’s relieved and grateful. After ten long years, her fears of looming spinsterhood are finally allayed.

Until her brother turns down the offer, again


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"Sarah McGregor’s new book is Indecent Proposal, a steamy (very) contemporary romance set in the equestrian world of the eastern seaboard - think "50 Shades of Hay." 

Pages From the Heart Contest


The Offer - 2nd Place for Historical Romance  Judges' Comments


"I wish I had the book right now so I could keep reading. I thoroughly enjoyed it."


"I love all of your descriptive language. Your voice reminds me a lot of Julia Quinn. It’s perfect for this genre." 


Pages From the Heart Contest

The Offer, He Loves Me Knot, Indecent Proposal, eXtasy Books,, Sarah McGregor, sidesaddle, historical romance, time travel

He Loves Me Knot - 2nd Place for Contemporary Romance Judges' Comments

 "This book was my own personal cat nip. I look forward to buying it at my local book shop and reading it."

"I love the way it takes a familiar time travel story and puts it on it’s ear. We have an older heroine in the body of a youth, but with the knowledge and experience she’s acquired through her lifetime."

"I loved this book and can’t want to read the full thing."